Our founder designed the functional winery on the large side to cover everything the future might throw at us, including pressures of climate change and compressed vintages. This approach has proved prudent.

The winemaking process is gentle, uncomplicated and is never rushed. Everything is aimed at achieving the finest expression of variety and place. To avoid all inputs that threaten to compromise quality may seem obvious. Yet, to achieve this has taken decades.

The first action was to remove all chemicals from vineyard operations, an aim first pursued in 1992 and culminating in an A-Grade Certified Organic and Biodynamic Vineyards and Winery (ACO).  To complement these non-chemical viticultural procedures, non-interventional winemaking (wine made without filter aids or fining agents) has been introduced. The removal of all fining agents (such as egg, milk, gelatine), is made possible by hand selection of fruit and the avoidance of disease by superior vineyard management.

As a peripheral benefit, the wines are now vegan and vegetarian friendly. Low levels of sulphur dioxide are the only addition and all wines are bottled on site as the final step in quality assurance.