Jeffrey designed our 500-tonne winery on the large side to ensure we covered everything the future might throw at us, including pressures of climate change and compressed vintages.

Our approach has involved disruption where standards had to be raised, such as the introduction of a superior wine closure and non-chemical viticultural procedures plus non-interventional winemaking (wine made without filter aids or fining agents).

It’s all about making the best wine wine possible. It always has been. Everything is produced in our certified organic winery in Auburn and the winemaking process is gentle and uncomplicated. The result is the finest expression of variety and place. Top notch riesling makes up 70 percent of our 11,000-case annual production. This includes Grosset Polish Hill Riesling, Grosset Springvale Riesling, Grosset Alea Riesling, Grosset Apiana (all 2018), Grosset Nereus 2016, Grosset Gaia 2016, Grosset Piccadilly Chardonnay 2017, Grosset Pinot Noir 2017, and the ‘Grosset45’ Spirit (of which 1000 bottles were produced).