Grosset Wines was established in 1981 when our founder Jeffrey Grosset purchased an old milk depot in the historic township of Auburn, Clare Valley. He gave it all the time and energy he had. Ingenuity was essential. Production was tiny and sold out quickly.

Jeffrey was 15 when his father (an electrician) came home with a bottle of wine and shared it with the family. It was riesling and Jeffrey was gobsmacked. The rest is history. Jeffrey enrolled at Roseworthy Agricultural College on his 16th birthday and studied three years of agriculture and two years of oenology, finishing at the age of 21. He cut his winemaking teeth at Seppelt and worked a few vintages at Great Western before gathering more experience in Germany, and Lindemans in Mildura. He was a senior winemaker by the age of 26 but ultimately wanted to do his own thing. So in 1981, he started Grosset wines, based in Auburn, Clare Valley.

Jeffrey has always been an innovator and is not shy about challenging tradition and questioning accepted practices. In the nineties, when there was a push in the industry to apply the term riesling to cask wine (no matter the variety in the wine), he fought hard to have the name correctly acknowledged.

We’ve also got him to thank for contributing to the introduction of screwcap closures. In 2000, Jeffrey and a throng of Clare Valley winemakers encouraged Australian and New Zealand winemakers to switch to screwcaps and the public, retailers and media to embrace the change. Jeff continues to privately fund research into the subject.

Beyond winemaking, his current focus (September 2020) is on the assurance of authenticity and elimination of fraud in wine through blockchain, IoT and cloud technology (more about this to come).