Grosset Polish Hill Vineyard

Grosset Polish Hill Riesling is produced from our eight-hectare estate-owned A-Grade Certified Organic and Biodynamic (ACO) vineyard in the Clare Valley. The gently sloping site, selected and planted by Grosset in 1996, is comprised of silt and shallow shales over a thin crust of clay and gravel. This overlays a bed of blue slate, estimated to be around 500-million-years old.

This is a ‘hard rock’ site. The vines struggle to draw nutrients from the soil, so the bunches and berries are small, and the fruit flavours lingering. Indeed, this vineyard exemplifies how old-rock profiles can contribute to a wine’s character. It is indeed an extreme example.

Jeffrey reflects on Grosset Polish Hill Vineyard

‘A major challenge of this site is the variability in vigour from one vine to the next. This demands more intense labour input and hand-tending skill – varied to suit each vine – to achieve balanced vine growth and even fruit ripening.’

‘Relatively close-planted, there are three clones of riesling (two German and one rare local clone) producing an average of just two bottles of wine per vine.’

Elevation: 460-480 metres

Soil Structure: acidic loam over clay on rock

Grosset Polish Hill

Certified Biodynamic Vineyard

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May 23, 2022

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