Mixing Suggestions

  • The Jeffrey

    ‘The Jeffrey’ created by Chad from Electra House Adelaide, served at Second Home London on 4th December 2015 for the final South Australia Club event of 2015

    'The Jeffrey' served at Second Home, London.

    ‘The Jeffrey’ served at Second Home, London.

    ⚬ Muddle 5 cherries pour into a Boston Glass
    ⚬ add 3 lime quarters and 10ml of Gomme
    ⚬ Pour 60ml of Grosset45 over ice in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously
    ⚬ Double strain the Grosset45 into a chilled coupe
    ⚬ Garnish with 5 drops of Macadamia oil




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  • Apertivo45

    ‘Apertivo45’ created by Jacob Dykes, Rosetta Ristorante Melbourne, 2015

    Jacob Dykes from Rosetta Ristorante Melbourne, creating 'Apertivo45'

    Jacob Dykes, Rosetta Ristorante Melbourne, creating ‘Apertivo45’

      ⚬ Pour 30ml Grosset45 into a stemmed glass
      ⚬ Add an equal pour of Cocchi Americano
      ⚬ Add liberal ice to the glass
      ⚬ Garnish with a twist of orange peel
      ⚬ Add a dash of soda to taste


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  • Adonis45

    ‘Adonis45’ created by Ryan Gavin, Rockpool Bar and Grill Sydney, 2015

    ‘Adonis45’ at Rockpool Bar and Grill Sydney

    ‘Adonis45’ at Rockpool Bar and Grill Sydney

    ⚬ Pour 30ml Grosset45
    ⚬ 40ml of Manzanilla Sherry
    ⚬ 1 barspoon (2ml) Verjus
    ⚬ 2 barspoon (4ml) honey/juniper syrup (equal parts honey with water stirred with juniper berries added and strained out)
    ⚬ 2 dashes Tea Pot Bitters (Black Tea, Yerba Mate, hazelnut, citrus peel, vanilla, ginger root, warm spices and one secret botanical which rounds off the desired flavour profile offering up notes of almond, vanilla, rose and bitterness throughout)
    ⚬ Stir lovingly with ice and strain
    ⚬ Garnish with a long, thin peel of cucumber

    Fresh peeled cucumber and the vibrant Grosset riesling are persistent on the nose. It has a light sweet initial palate which ebbs away on the mid giving way to an almost umami, savoury, dry finish; ideally suited as an aperitif.” – Ryan Gavin

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  • Long45


    ⚬ Pour 45ml ‘Grosset45’ (1.5 measures) into a large glass filled with ice
    ⚬ Follow with 45ml of Aperol (an Italian aperitif)
    ⚬ Add tonic water to taste and stir
    ⚬ Garnish with a twist of orange zest

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  • By The Sea

    Grosset45 ‘By The Sea’

    Grosset45 'By The Sea'

    Grosset45 ‘By The Sea’

      ⚬ 1.5 nips Grosset45
      ⚬ 1 nip Grand Marnier
      ⚬ 1/2 juice lemon
      ⚬ 1/2 juice lime
      ⚬ Shake 30 seconds on ice


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Finally; Grosset45 can be enjoyed straight, from the fridge as a digestive.

Grosset Wines welcomes members’ ideas on ways to enjoy Grosset45.