The Copper Pot Still distilling ‘Grosset45’

The Copper Pot Still distilling ‘Grosset45’

Grosset45 500ml

‘Grosset45’ 500ml

How? Juice from organically grown grapes is fermented dry then transferred to the still, heated to release the alcohol and perfume, which are then allowed to condense.

“We made the best wine possible, used the best still and enlisted the help of the most experienced distiller in the country.” Said Jeff.

Grosset45 can be enjoyed as a digestive; to be consumed after dinner, or it can be added to the following cocktails and drinks that have been specially created around this unique spirit.

Distillation: Single distillation through a copper pot still
Vineyard: Grosset Watervale Vineyard
Base Wine: Riesling 100% (ACO certified organic)
Profile: Perfumed, clean and ethereal, delicate and harmonious; smooth mouth feel
Fining: Nil- suitable for vegans and vegetarians