‘Grosset45’ Spirit

‘Grosset45’ Spirit

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Perfumed, clean and ethereal, delicate and harmonious, with a luxuriously smooth mouth feel: to quote prominent drinks writer Matthew Jukes (UK)… ‘one of the most enchanting and silky of all digestifs.’

Clare Valley – 1000 bottles produced

Following the successful release of batch one in 2015 (which sold out in six months), batch two has been released.

Jeffrey Grosset’s fascination with the ancient art of distillation has led to the creation of a unique spirit from riesling.

His determination to use only the highest quality wine and to distill that wine just once (as opposed to the common practice of double-distillation to remove impurities) means that the spirit retains the subtle perfume and character of the wine. There are no botanicals used, nor is there colour or flavour added; the result is a unique spirit that is 100% pure.