Seasonal Activity

Grosset Wines is recognised for exceptional attention to detail. This is a glimpse of what happens at Grosset throughout the year:


Autumn Releases
Each year on the 1st April, Grosset Wines releases four limited production wines; Grosset Piccadilly Chardonnay, Grosset Pinot Noir, Grosset Nereus and Grosset Gaia.
Autumn is also the time in which these wines, due for release the following year, or in the case of the Grosset Gaia and Grosset Nereus two years time, are tasted barrel by barrel and then, following a complex process of trial blending, the final wines are assembled and bottled in February. This ensures that the wines receive another year or so cellaring in the bottle before their release. Each wine is bottled on site and within one day to ensure consistency.

Grape harvesting and grape crushing/pressing
This is by far the busiest time of the year. All grapes for Grosset wines are hand-harvested, then the majority de-stemmed and crushed before they are pressed. only a small amount of chardonnay and riesling is whole-bunch pressed (by-passing the crushing process) See Vintage for more information.

Polish Hill Pick 2015


Every wine is made up of numerous components, often more than one clone of the same variety, all fermented separately. This contributes to the high degree of consistency in quality, as clones of the same variety are subtly different and each component must pass the blending process, ensuring that it is worthy of a place in the final wine. Trial tastings of each wine can take from days to weeks to complete, and ensure that the final wine is of the highest standard.


Since late 2019, all wines have been estate bottled using the latest low-impact bottling equipment. Due to the small quantities involved, bottling of each wine is usually completed within one day. Only the highest quality bottles and caps are used. All bottles, including the riesling bottles which are a design exclusive to Grosset, are produced by Saverglass, a specialist glass manufacturer in France. Only screw caps made to the highest quality and to the international standard screwcap are used, ensuring that each bottle is consistent in both taste and aging potential.

resized Barrels 11

Spring and Summer

Spring Releases & Cellar Door
September marks the release of the Grosset Spring release wines. Grosset Wines’ cellar door opens on the Saturday of the first weekend of September each year and is open, usually all Spring, Wed-Sun, 10am-5pm.

Vineyard activity continues in Spring and Summer
The hand-tended vines shoot in Spring, which for Grosset means shoot thinning. Surplus shoots, or ‘water shoots’, are removed from the vines to avoid crowding of the fruit. During this time, the vines are trained to grow upwards, rather than out. This promotes air circulation below the vines and minimises the risk of disease, allowing organic and biodynamic farming to be more effective.
We walk the vineyards regularly to ensure that the fruit is healthy and progressing well.