Vintage 2018

Many years ago, Grosset planted the four estate vineyards each on very specific soil and rock profiles. With every vintage it becomes clearer that these have a unique resilience to changing seasonal conditions. This has not been more obvious than in the 2017-18 season.

The dry conditions meant that the vines could not have easily ripened an average crop, and yet, rather than having to cut off excess fruit or ‘green thin’ prior to harvest, the vines produced much smaller bunches, effectively ripening a smaller crop.

This can only be put down to the vine’s extraordinary resilience and the strict organic approach playing its role in self regulation.

Although a smaller yielding season, all fruit from these vineyards ripened beautifully and was harvested in pristine condition.


Vintage 2017

‘2017 is our third consecutive outstanding vintage and makes 2017, 2016 and 2015 the best run of seasons we have ever experienced. These latest release wines are beautiful expressions of variety, season and site.

 The 2017 vintage was a full month later than the previous two. It was almost European in character with much higher rainfall during the growing season. Whether the ability of each of our sites to produce such outstanding and consistent quality wine is due to our focus on the geology when choosing the land to plant, the relatively rare mix of vine clones planted, or the organic principles applied, we may never know. We can say that the combination of these has had a profound impact. This is especially true for our three rieslings; each being from a unique vineyard site.

 The resilience of our vines and their ability to consistently produce superior quality wine in a world where climatic conditions are changing is nothing short of a marvel. Jeffrey Grosset