Grosset Alea Riesling 2017

  • Grosset Alea Riesling 2017

    This is an amazing riesling, perhaps the best yet under this label. It has intense lemon grass and lime juice characters which follow through on to the palate. The flavours are intensely concentrated, powerful and show incredible depth. The vibrant natural acidity balances the sweetness and lingers long and dry on the finish.

    ‘Inspired by the best dry Rieslings of Europe, Alea is produced in the international style, made to the Grosset standard. From the Rockwood vineyard in Watervale where the likeness to European fruit was first noticed in 2007, this wine offers great versatility; people, food, situations. The flavour and balance of the 2017 vintage are exquisite and the best so far.’ JG

    Ageing Potential: First vintage 2012 so as yet unknown, however probably 15 years
    Source: Grosset Rockwood Vineyard (ACO certified organic)
    Fruit Flavours: Kaffir lime with hints of white flowers and herbs
    Profile: Almost dry, underpinned by a linear acidity: fragrant, generous, succulent and long
    Fining: Nil- suitable for vegans and vegetarians

    Release Date: September 1st 2017

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