Vintage 2020

Our harvest was down dramatically due to a lack of rain in winter as well as through the growing season, plus some variable weather at critical times (flowering and set).  The resultant bunches and berries were tiny (see pic). Fortunately, there was no fire close to us, so there is no chance of smoke taint affecting our wines.

Recent upgrades mean that everything we do is now effectively managed ‘in house’. From the planting and hand-tending of the vines through to on-site bottling and cellaring, all is taken care of by our team under strict ACO A-grade certified organic guidelines. The latest addition, a state-of-art bottling facility capable of handling tiny volumes without compromise (handy this year!), has completed the process.

Grosset Vineyards and Winery are now poised to deal with all the challenges the next decade may present.