Grosset Apiana 2020

It would be a pity if we had to wait for such low-yielding fiano to experience a Grosset ‘Apiana’ as good as this again. The dry season and ultra-low yields have provided a white that offers such a wide range of aromatics in its youth. There’s more overt honeycomb, perhaps even beeswax, than ever before: there’s lavender, Geraldton wax, hints of mandarin and orange blossom – a panoply of sensory experiences to let your mind run wild. The palate is dry, powerful and pure with marvellous concentration, impressive weight and crisp juiciness on a long, clear finish.

Ageing potential: First vintage 2014 so as yet unknown.
Source: Grosset Rockwood Vineyard (ACO certified organic)
Site: North-eastern extreme of Watervale sub-region at high altitude (460m)
Soil: Hard red rock (slate-like) with a poor orange/red loam for topsoil
Clones: The only known planting in SA of a rare Fiano clone (VCR3) and now also Savio clone
Harvest date: February 24th 2020
Fermentation: Separate for each clone
Fruit flavours: Grape-pulpy richness and crisp freshness
Profile: Weighty and complex; textural and dry
Fining: Nil- suitable for vegans and vegetarians
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Release Date: 1st September 2020

Availability: Restricted to members and a few restaurants due to small production