G110 First Review

I want to share the first review of our newest wine, G110. It is emphatic, insightful and wonderfully uplifting. We hope you enjoy it.

Jeffrey Grosset

Grosset G110 Clare Valley Riesling 2019

Just when we were all convinced that there was nothing more that the uber-fanatical Jeffrey Grosset could possibly do to make riesling of any more profound distinction, he has gone and honed his regime to an all new level of molecular detail.

As the story goes, after 40 years of fermenting riesling clones separately, one consistently stood out as more concentrated, more persistent and less fruity. It was his daughter Georgie who suggested that they trial bottling individual clones (hence ‘G’ in the name), and only 1100 bottles of this, the best clone, have been produced. The result is a riesling like nothing I have tasted from Australia.

A singularity of just one clone from one plot, yet more exuberantly concentrated, more generously luscious, more exotically spicy, more emphatically persistent, more euphorically alluring. It immediately transported me to the fabled Ürziger Würzgarten in the Mosel (perhaps the red soil link and its inherent spicy exoticism?). G110 is every bit as emphatically distinct to Polish Hill and Springvale as Ürziger Würzgarten is to Wehlener Sonnenuhr and Bernkasteler Lay. And it is every bit as mesmerising as them all.

Its fragrant, spice-laden generosity spans the full expanse of fruit spectrum from apple and pear to stone fruits and citrus, packed with all of the breadth of its dry, low-yielding season, enlivened magnificently with crystalline acidity and salty minerality. This salt mineral signature is a world away from the slate of Polish Hill and the limestone of Springvale.

In line and length, G110 takes Australian riesling to hitherto unknown heights. And for all it represents, it’s a bargain, too. Kudos Jeff – and Georgie. Respect. 97 points.

Tyson Stelzer, www.tysonstelzer.com, April 8th 2020