Grosset Alea Riesling 2015


With its first vintage in 2012, ‘Alea’ is the most recent of the Grosset rieslings. The result of three years of painstaking experimentation in the vineyard, it is made in the style of the rieslings of Germany and Austria.

While the Grosset Springvale vineyard is a soft rock site of red loam over limestone, ‘Alea’ is a hard rock site and the wines are distinctly different. There are lemon juice and lime pith aromatics, a generosity of lime juice flavours, a touch of sweetness on the backpalate balanced by refreshingly powerful natural acidity.

It is a delicate, fine riesling suited to being consumed alongside some robust spicy flavours: stir-fried prawns with Asian vegetables, deep-fried calamari with a Thai salad, or mildly spicy Indian curries.

Ageing Potential: First vintage 2012 so as yet unknown, however probably 15 years
Source: Grosset Alea Vineyard (ACO certified)
Fining: Nil- suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Release Date: 1 September 2015


Tony Love ‘SA Weekend’ The Advertiser, November 28-29 2015

From the king craftsman of Clare rieslings, Jeffrey Grosset, whose fame rests more on his dry style masterpieces, this in comparative terms is his “off dry” style, but you get just a glimpse of the most subtle of sweetnesses, apple juicy in nature with a musk-like edge to give the faintest sense. Its success is all about balance of acidity, zingy citrus keeping the wine tight and slurpy. ****1/2 Stars.

Tyson Stelzer ‘WBM Trade’ November/December 2015

Pretty, pure and pristine, this is a Riesling defined by lime, granny smith apple and lemon, with just the slightest hint of pink lady apple exotics. Such is the acidity (8.2g/L) and mineral texture of this vintage that the inclusion of a subtle 12.4g/L residual does not lend sweetness but rather aromatic lift and back palate body. 94 Points.

Mike Bennie ‘The Wine Front’ August 2015

Whiffs of honeysuckle, frangipani, touch of honey, sniff of candle wax. Pretty though. Juicy in the palate but feels pretty darn dry… Sweetness through the finish is light honey drizzled apple, not overt, just there. Gentle carry of flavour across the palate. Lovely, soft, readily drinkable wine. 94 Points.