Grosset Alea Riesling 2012

The most recent addition to the Grosset portfolio, the Off-dry Riesling will now be known as Alea (pronounced Ah-lee-uh), the name of the vineyard from which it is sourced. In different languages, Alea means ‘high, ‘exalted’, ‘to ascend’, and is associated with Athena, who in Greek mythology was Zeus’ daughter and the goddess of wisdom, courage and agriculture. As with the expression ‘Catherine the Great’, the epithet often used when talking about the Greek goddess, was Athena Alea.

Grosset Alea Riesling 2012

As you’d expect from such a great vintage, the 2012 Grosset Alea is an exemplary wine. Barely sweet enough to be rated off-dry it is fresh, bright and vibrant with mid-palate softness, a whisper of lingering sweetness, and a crisp, dry lime juice acidity that provides the wine with balance. There is succulence, tight structure, plenty of power, and a delicious lingering aftertaste. A wine of substance, suited but certainly not limited to dishes of Asian influence, it is just a touch drier but otherwise very similar to last year’s Off-dry, and a wonderfully different expression of the variety when compared to the Springvale and Polish Hill.

General Cellaring Guide: Enjoy now, or cellar up to ten years.
Release Date: 1 September 2012


Huon Hooke  25 August 2012

Bright, light yellow colour. Intense and charming aromas of spring flowers and green herbs, even a hint of jasmine. The palate is fruity and delicious, round and soft with lovely balance between fruit, acidity and sweetness – of which there is just a mere smidgen. Clean finish.  97 points